Odessa Ingarfield

It started when Odessa was 11 years old, volunteering at a tailor’s shop to understand the trade. She realized instantly that she never wanted to be a sewer but fell in love with what would become her career for over 20 years.

Holding a degree in textile science and clothing design with minors in commerce and linguistics she decided to attain full depth and breath of knowledge within her industry on a global scale.

Today her experience within materials/textiles; consumer goods; manufacturing and waste reduction stems from: analysis, development, innovation, testing, process optimization and reprocessing. She has had the privilege to work with global leaders such as: McKinsey and Company Consulting; Lululemon; Joseph Ribkoff; Federated; Under Armour; LeChateau; Western Glove Works; Volkswagen; Home Depot; Serta/Simmons; Sealy; Gehrson Lehrman Group; to name a few.

She writes on social media with the hopes to inspire long-term sustainable change through micro and macro process implementation; enhanced designs; shared insights; reduced packaging and innovative manufacturing with unified global efforts.

Dessius is Odessa’s current project which focuses on dissecting the material world for corporate, government and the general public.

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