Laura Grant

Laura and Chris glanced at each other while cycle commuting one cold January day, met at the bike racks, and have been together since. They’ve both been cycling for decades and saw gaps in cycling safety, bike event parking, and cycling knowledge. As community builders, they modelled Alberta Bike Swap from a scribble at the kitchen table to what is it today; dozens of strategic alliances, thousands of attendees and thousands of bought, sold, and donated bikes, patented bike racks, and smiles. Lots of smiles. Alberta Bike Swap has been internationally recognized and are helping the rest of the world put on re-use events through their software and processes.

Laura’s Bio
Laura has always been able to connect people, community, ideas, and things. Diagnosed with MS while in Pharmacy nearly 40 years ago, Laura knows the importance of science and education. She has a Math/Comp Sci degree with many continuing education medical and science courses. She wrote a carbon offset protocol in graduate school in 2007 on native over manufactured landscapes called Weapons of Grass Destruction. As a forward thinker who has learned to sit on her hands when someone asks for a volunteer, Laura spends her days developing the bike swap software and processes so that the rest of the world can put on bike swaps.

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