Chris Grant

Laura and Chris glanced at each other while cycle commuting one cold January day, met at the bike racks, and have been together since. They’ve both been cycling for decades and saw gaps in cycling safety, bike event parking, and cycling knowledge. As community builders, they modelled Alberta Bike Swap from a scribble at the kitchen table to what is it today; dozens of strategic alliances, thousands of attendees and thousands of bought, sold, and donated bikes, patented bike racks, and smiles. Lots of smiles. Alberta Bike Swap has been internationally recognized and are helping the rest of the world put on re-use events through their software and processes.

Chris’ bio
Due to eye sprain, Chris has stopped rolling his eyes when Laura tells him that she has another idea. Chris lovingly calls himself a barnyard engineer; he can figure out how things go together and improve them so that they actually work, especially Laura’s ideas. Chris recently retired as an instrumentation engineer. Though he’d like to spend his days executing a camper van build and working on racing lawnmowers, his retirement has been reduced to no free time because he’s busier than ever taking to market a patent pending product for RV protection.

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