Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards is Eunomia Research & Consulting’s North America Director. She has over 20 years’ experience in the waste and resource management sector working across the public, private and consultancy sectors in North America, the UK and Africa. Sarah’s waste expertise includes design and delivery of waste and recycling collection services as well as the design, procurement and project management of key waste infrastructure including Material Recovery Facilities and Anaerobic Digestion. Projects that Sarah is or has overseen since opening Eunomia’s office in New York office include:

  • Review and identification of strategic performance measures and indicators for Alberta’s Beverage Container Recycling Program
  • Investigated the causes and costs of illegal dumping, before recommending programs to prevent incidents and minimize costs of clearance in Sacramento County and City, California
  • Calculation of the economic benefits of recycling to the Alberta economy which included calculation of the number of direct, indirect and induced jobs resulting from recycling activity and the Gross Value Add to the Alberta economy
  • Calculation of the economic benefits derived from the container deposit programs operating in Quebec, New York and Michigan
  • Cost benefit analysis of implement a container deposit program for non-alcoholic beverages alongside an improved blue box program in Ontario
  • Vision and cost benefit analysis of Alberta implementing extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging and paper products.

Eunomia Research & Consulting is a global waste and resource efficiency consultancy that has led much of the research and analysis in the circular economy and plastics fields across Europe. Eunomia is currently developing guidance on how producer fees, under EPR programs for packaging, should be modulated to drive the circular economy and to ensure products are recyclable, durable and contain recycled content.

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