Peter Hargreave

Peter Hargreave is the President of Policy Integrity Inc., has over 14 years of experience in providing strategic advice to municipalities, producers and service providers in the development, implementation and oversight of public policy. Over the last two years, he has worked with municipalities, producers and service providers in understanding current challenges and finding solutions at the local, provincial and national level. He continues to play an important role in helping to shape Ontario’s new waste diversion framework, including new full producer responsibility regulations for tires, electronics, household hazardous products and printed paper and packaging.

Before establishing Policy Integrity Inc. in 2017, Peter spent six years with the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) as the Director of Policy and Strategy where he helped lead the sector in developing policy around a more circular economy and helped respond to issues varying from transportation and taxation to climate change and environmental standards. In this role, he helped develop major reports establishing baseline data for the sector, creating environmental guidelines, outlining economic and environment opportunities, and providing policy direction on mechanisms like extended producer responsibility, disposal bans and disposal levies. These reports continue to influence and shape business and policy decisions.

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