Maja Vodanovic

Maja Vodanovic is an executive member of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) and Mayor of Lachine, a borough of Montreal. She is an active member of the CMM’s Environmental Commission, mandated to revise and propose amendments to Quebec’s waste management program, a system that is transforming in response to the Chinese national sword policy.

As a member of the National Zero Waste Council (NZWC), Maja co-chaired the Plastic Advisory Panel which produced a work document entitled « Regulatory Approaches for Priority Plastic Wastes ». The objective of which is to set out concrete solutions and suggest specific regulatory measures to prevent, and better manage, plastic waste.

Passionate about environmental issues, Maja has been actively involved in cleaning up our waterways and protecting our green spaces. One of Mrs. Vodanovic’s greatest challenge as Mayor, is to transform a 60-acre post industrial brown field in Lachine East into a Canada-wide model for a human-scaled ecological and sustainable development.

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