Lindsay Christianson

Like you, Lindsay cares deeply for Oceans, People, Animals, and the Planet. Lindsay’s mission is to collaborate with talented hearts and minds on high impact projects that stop Ocean plastic and Improve Human lives. He is an ambitious person who values building relationships, helping others with their goals and being a creative-ideas guy.

As a Director of Business & Partner Development at the Plastic Bank, Co-Creator of their Social Plastic Collection Credit, and an active member of the 3RI Project Standard Development Committee, he has become a contributing subject matter expert in the field of plastic neutrality, helping organizations assess and rebalance their plastic footprint.

Lindsay builds partnerships that aim to enable authentic corporate citizenship through purposeful work outcomes, that can generate narratives that inspire people into making impactful actions in their lives. With an entrepreneurial background in business development and risk management, Lindsay helps people connect their KPI’s to their key stakeholder narrative messaging. He works with People, Multi-National Brands and Enterprises to create collaborative partnerships that facilitate positive social environment change.

As a student of Unity, Lindsay is dedicated to lifelong personal and spiritual development and service to others.

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